Established 1900

The Royal Hotel Kalbar circa 1910


Fond Memories

From Pam Ogg:

“I was in Kalbar yesterday and called into the pub for a nostalgia trip. As a child and young teenager I spent many a happy visit at the hotel and have very fond memories of the same.

My Dad was an army buddy of Jim O’Callaghan (the publican from around 1946 to 1962/3 approximately) from World War 2 and as far as I can work out this photo would have been taken just after the war, possibly 1946.

On my visit yesterday I spoke to a gentleman called Bruce in the Bar and he suggested you might like to see the photo. The ladies working there were also very kind and showed me around. I must congratulate you on the new dining room and the improvements you have made.”

Taken by Pam Ogg’s parents with a Brownie Box circa 1948. Depicts the publican Jim O’Callaghan with his eldest son Michael at the side of the hotel.


Licencees – 1975 to present

Start Date Licence Holder Type
14/04/1975 Vic Graham Freehold Owner
16/01/1978 Errol Doolan Leasehold
22/01/1979 William McKee Leasehold
26//11/1979 Kenneth Dunn Leasehold
04/02/1983 Morris McGuane Leasehold
05/08/1983 Vic Graham Freehold Owner
12/12/1983 Robert Bradwell Leasehold
05/02/1985 Maxwell Terry Hunt Leasehold
27/09/1985 Gordon Bardsley Leasehold
03/02/1987 Alan Gordon Leasehold
13/12/1988 Lex McKeiver Leasehold
03/07/1995 Rob Allum Leasehold
14/10/1996 Peter Marks Leasehold
21/02/2000 Christine Wernowski Leasehold
29/07/2002 Leah Jackson Leasehold
10/11/2003 Brendan Leeson Leasehold
01/10/2007 Timothy Stanford Freehold Owner

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